Sarah Hickey is known for her reflective, ethereal yet earthy music.

After immersing herself in a performance Masters, the Cork based artist is now collating her own songs after years of crafting and developing her sound.

Sarah Hickey has just released her first track of the year ‘Looking For Trouble’ as a followup to her recent releases ‘Free’ and ‘Hollow’. She has performed in many venues throughout Ireland singing her own music and has provided backing vocals for various Irish artists. 2021 afforded Sarah the time to delve into more introspective work which has led to an exciting new chapter in her musical development.

“Soulful vocals” – The Music Files5 Blog UK

“Versatile vocal… which doffs its cap to the likes of Fleetwood Mac or Heart… introspective sombre tones with powerful peaks… soft and balmy timbre.” – REMY

“Sarah Hickey is an artist that can leave a mark with her art. Her single Hollow is a slice of dreamy, folkish indie pop, wrapped in bottleneck and slide guitar.” – Here Comes The Flood

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